Author: Cyndie Lepori-Mogavero

Pages: 109

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One of my favorite books of 2012: “Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker,” written by my friend Cyndie Lepori Mogavero. It’s a delightful, magical story about young Billy, who lives with his dad and mom (who just might be a mermaid) in a beach house in Navarre, Florida. He’s befriended by Bubbles the dolphin, who begins Billy’s education in the ways of healing, thinking with the heart, and working with sound and vibrations. Along the way, he meets, communicates with and learns from other dolphins, stingrays, starfish and sea turtles – not to mention the Archangel Raphael and Olga the Octopus! The main theme of the book is: Positive energy can heal the Earth – and the Universe. This book is appropriate for both adults and kids of all ages, although the youngest readers may need to have it read to them. (96 pages)
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