Author: Robert A. Heinlein

ISBN: 9780345324382
Pages: 224
Description: The Earth of the future does not look nice. It is overcrowded with severe food shortages. By the way we might still have this problem, 67 years after the book was published but it is amusing that Heinlein was so wrong about the reason for this…

Anyway a father and his son, George and Bill Lermer decided they were fed up with the situation (oops, looks like I made a bad pun) and jumped at the opportunity to go to a newly established colony on Ganymede – one of the Jupiter’s moons. May I remind you that at the time the book was written nobody knew that the coolest (another bad pun; I mean most interesting) moon of Jupiter was Europa.
Space Odyssey

Their hardships followed as soon as the decision was made, even before they left the good old Earth. The moment they finally arrived at the destination it turned out the reality is more gruesome that they could have imagined. Hardships became fights for survival with losers dying left and right. Bill had to grow up really fast in order to support not only himself, but the others.

If you read any of Heinlein juvenile books you can see the ending right after 20 first pages or so. Nobody coddles his main characters and none of these ask for safe spaces: they have to act and behave like adults.

The most surprising part of the read for me was that I liked the Earth part more that what follows, exotic space locations and all. Space travel was claustrophobic and not too exciting and the colonists’ struggles were.. well… predictable. Just recently I read a science fiction book where other colonists had similar problems.
Space colonists

The book is worth 4 stars nonetheless. It is a fast fun read inspired and reminding of American Wild West pioneers.
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