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ICT penetration, ICT awareness and ICT literacy rate at community level remains at relatively low level. Generally, statistics show that due to relatively high cost of ICT goods, citizens living in rural areas have a limited ownership of ICT devices, be it for Computers, Smartphones and TVs.

As an ICT Hub, td4pai has a unique perspective on the information technology disciplines that allows us a broad foundation from which to build educational programs and research initiatives that explore the many applications of the computing discipline — from circuits and systems to software engineering and human aspects of computing. Through our Innovation Camp Programme, Our experienced instructors and unique expertise in ICT make td4pai a driving force for innovation and discovery that serves our local, zonal and national communities in many ways.

Our way of working is collaborative  

Rapid prototyping for validated learning and working on delivering unique digi­tal products, services and new data-driven business models that bring value to the global ICT ecosystem. Td4pai IoT Hub is designed to enhance the likelihood of startup success through fusion to ignite innovative excellence.

Provision of Co-Working Space and Shared Facilities:

 td4pai provides office space to knowledge-based enterprises in a number of multi-tenant configuration. Communal facilities such as a reception and meet­ing rooms are available for all residents to use.

How does td4pai Add Value?

td4pai’s Internet of Things (loT) training programme consists of industry standard courses which include but not limited to theoretical understanding of different sensors, programming languages, electronic circuit design, open source tech­nology, cloud platform and gateways, but also hands-on integration of loT com­ponents to build local end-to-end solutions.

We increase the socio-economic welfare of the society especially rural communities by creating opportunities of gainful employment via empowerment of youths from vulnerable backgrounds by making technological education accessible & developing life skills through innovation, incubation of start-ups & sustained programmes such as ICT, creative arts, sports, mentoring.

Our Mission & Vision

To leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technology to develop life skills through innovation, incubation of start-ups & sustained programmes in ICT, creative arts, sports and mentoring.  

To foster innovative ideas through start-ups creation and growth for the advancement of the economy towards enhancing the socio-economic benefit of Nigeria.


We support the development of nationally recognized programs emphasizing creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and prepare the youths to succeed in today’s entrepreneurial economy. 

We Provide entrepreneurs and researchers in all disciplines with venues for interaction, education,   support and enhanced access to cutting-edge technology, markets, financial resources,   to the creation of new enterprises.

 We conduct world-class research that extends our understanding of the theory and practice of innovation, including commercial entrepreneurship and the processes of creative thinking,

We identify, cultivate, finance and develop competent and innovative winning ideas, to develop Nigerian STEM companies of the future from seed stage to exit. 

We support researchers, academicians and agriculturists in using embedded systems and ICT to gather useful information for agriculture

 We Develop  Cyber-Physical System for Smart Agriculture, Irrigation System, Water Quality Monitoring (WQM) System, Land Slide Warning (LSW) Systems, Flood Alarm and Environmental Monitoring System etc.

We support the creation of embedded system technology workshops and laboratories to facilitate the dissemination and utilization of the technology in agricultural sector, poverty reduction of living standards  in Nigeria,

We educate a new generation of Embedded Systems Engineering Technology Youths to meet current and future industrial challenges and emerging embedded systems engineering trends.

Trained Women and Children


Trained Youths

On-Going Projects

    It doesn’t take a big donation to promote

    Indigenization of Technology & ICT Education,

    just a lot of little donations.

TD4PAI will channel your donation towards increasing the socio-economic welfare of the rural communities through creation of opportunities for gainful employment by making ICT education free & accessible to women and youths.